The Importance Of Car Detailing To Maintain Your Car’s Value

Many car owners do not understand exterior car care and its importance in maintaining the overall health and value of the car. Even though cars manufactured today have paint finishes that are far superior to those from even a decade ago, without proper exterior care, a car can appear older than it is, and lose significant resale value. Over time […]

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Featuring CEC Wheels & Tuning Center in Los Angeles, California

CEC – Claus Ettensberger Corporation – is located in the center of the aftermarket parts universe, Southern California, and is the brainchild of its charismatic founder, Claus Ettensberger. Claus was born in Stuttgart, Germany, which is the mecca of German car culture, and initially came to the USA to market several German aftermarket brands here. After his arrival, Claus realized […]

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Introducing The SEMA Garage

The CHARIOTZ team recently visited the SEMA Garage to learn more about the facility and interview the team that manages it, including Mike Spagnola, VP of Product Development at SEMA. The SEMA Garage is a one-of-a-kind product design and development facility built for the benefit of SEMA member companies.   About the SEMA Garage Each year, SEMA members introduce thousands […]

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