Top 7 Most Expensive Classic Muscle Cars

Classic muscle cars are always popular with car enthusiasts. From car shows to the open road, classic muscle cars still turn heads, because of their unique looks, unique sounds, or both. While most classic cars cost a bit of cash, some are worth millions of dollars. Here are the top 7 most expensive classic muscle cars. If you happen to […]

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Classic Car Restoration – Finding The Right Project Car

One of the biggest problems I see roll through our shop is the inability of our customers to locate and purchase a suitable classic car for restoration. Most typically know the style and possibly even the year make and model of the car they desire. However, they lack the foresight required to make good decisions during the procurement phase. I […]

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CHARIOTZ + Instagram To Market Your Automotive Business

A must-have tool to market your automotive business is Instagram. It allows yourself, and your products and projects, to be showcased on what has become the first screen for consumers, the mobile phone.  One of the main pieces of the CHARIOTZ platform is our App, because we also recognize the importance of the mobile phone in promoting the businesses listed on […]

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